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Our Mission

Our team lives by a simple credo, “It takes all kinds.”

We’re building an inclusive company to create beachwear that works for all bodies.

Most of us have never felt like our bodies are “beach ready.” Bathing suits certainly don’t help. Men’s suits come in two kinds: (1) Speedos that look good if you’re 2% body fat and (2) sloppy board shorts. Few of us feel great in either.

Like us, you have worked hard to become the person you are. Victory Beachwear is creating beachwear and swimsuits that will let you feel great in your own body.

Our founder, Peter, describes what we’re trying to do, this way:

“For most of my life I struggled to love my body. In the last few years, thanks to hard work, a great therapist, and support from strangers struggling with similar challenges all over the world, I’ve been able to say genuinely that I love my body.

The idea of Victory Beachwear came from this struggle.

One day, I saw it. The suit that would change everything.

In a 1922 film of the Jersey Shore, I saw men and women playing in black, one-piece, tank-top suits. The cut was hip and looked good on lots of bodies.

I tried to buy a suit like this, but none existed.

So, I set out to make a suit that would make me and so many others feel good, look good, and exude confidence. It would fit everyone from me to my muscle head pal to my 75 year old, Boomer dad to my friend’s transitioning daughter.

My goal isn’t “to make a cute suit for dad bods.” It is to make Victory Beachwear an inclusive line of beachwear for all bodies. It will be a huge challenge and I’m stoked to tackle it.”

This year, we're introducing the Chilmark, a classic suit that hearkens back to the one-piece, tank top designs of the 1920s. Sign up for email and join us on Instagram to be the first to know when the Chilmark launches.

Thanks for joining us; it’s going to be a heck of a ride.